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There are many reasons for headaches, ranging from body chemistry through physiological function such as blood pressure, to headaches arising from muscle and joint problems.

Many people experience headache regularly and may even have several different types of headache. Since all head pain can be significant you should always have new head pain investigated by your G.P.

Physiotherapists are instrumental in treating head pain originating from muscle and joint causes, one of the major headache classes. Our physios will assess your head and neck posture, the joints and muscles of your neck and jaw, thereby arriving at a treatment plan for any problems.

The plan can involve moving and stretching the joints and muscles as well as electrotherapy if appropriate and other modalities as needed. Advice on postural changes and workstation ergonomics is included. Exercise for postural correction and advice regarding sleeping posture will normally be given.

Since postural change is usually difficult our aim at In-Line Physiotherapy and Allied Health is to equip you with a range of exercise and stretches for you to manage and improve your condition.

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