Your health

You can improve and manage your health - here are some ideas...

Take control of your health!

Physiotherapy is a dynamic profession with an established theoretical and scientific base. It can help restore, maintain and promote optimal physical function. Our aim is to give you expert clinical advice on helping your body to function at its best and be able to self-manage your physical health into the future.

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Fit and healthy older people

Actively Ageing

It’s never too late to learn about your body and your health. You can start to make changes NOW to ensure a healthier older age.

Pave your path to health rediscovery with our Actively Ageing Health Coaching Program, specifically designed for over 50s.

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Manage your weight

Weight management

Looking for help getting to your ideal weight and staying there? Losing weight, or keeping within a healthy weight range, can be difficult when you’re juggling all the issues in everyday life. Our holistic approach will help you develop sustainable strategies for a fitter and healthier you!

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Manage your weight

Spine & posture

Your spine not only holds you up, it’s the key to improving your overall health. Consider your spine as a barometer of your overall musculoskeletal health. You have complete control over your spinal health, with choices you make daily.

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Physiotherapists are instrumental in treating head pain originating from our muscles and joints, one of the major headache classes. Our physios will assess your head and neck posture, the joints and muscles of your neck and jaw, and arrive at a treatment plan for any problems.

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