In-Person Yoga Vs Online Classes

We intuitively know the benefits of a regular exercise practice, and so many of us have tried online or streamed yoga. Online Yoga is great for convenience however for many students, it is so much more beneficial to venture out to your own in-person yoga class.

At inline physio Samford our yoga classes are personalised, with a small class size to keep you safe in your practice.

Our “face to face” classes are tailored to the individual in a small regular weekly group class format, while remaining COVID safe.

Our personal yoga classes are particularly useful, to guide you to develop a safe and lifelong yoga practice.

Positive experience from our regular yoga students indicates the value of this “face to face” instruction, often with guidance and poses that reduce the risk of injury. This yoga practice includes:

  1. Learning through action and close, 360 degree supervision -helping your body to find your unique practice

  2. Positive encouragement and effective support cues, accessing the wisdom of your experienced yoga instructors

  3. Experiencing the social benefits of a small regular group

  4. The ability to discuss your personal limitations and goals in-person with your Instructor

We begin each class with an attitude of self acceptance, allowing for healing, and recognising how we can progress with this awareness.

Yoga is not competitive, so at Inline Physio Samford we encourage you to focus on your own practice. With the small class sizes we are able to provide verbal cues and to demonstrate poses effectively.

We introduce safety and alignment cues, for effective and safe practice.

We modify each pose to the person, helping each student to find the most effective way for their practice.

Our yoga movement is linked to our breath, we practice with movement, as we flow from pose to pose, with smooth transitions, and counterposes.

We listen to our body, and we rest whenever we need, at any time during the class.

We act out of respect for our bodies on any given day, without judgement.

Enjoy your yoga, try one of our yoga classes, and enjoy the journey!


Michael Hill

Yoga Australia Registered Yoga Teacher

Inline Physio Samford