Yoga – An Important Addition to Your Weekly Routine

Staying healthy and active requires a variety of “movement experiences”. We all know that it’s important to perform exercises that increase your heart rate and build muscle but did you know Yoga is also an important element of your weekly health regime?

  • Reduce Your Stress – When we practice yoga, we activate our parasympathetic nervous system. We call this the friendly nervous system because it modulates the body’s stress response system. Certain Yoga postures and routines decrease cortisol – the stress response hormone in our bodies. In other words, we switch on the “rest and digest” mode. 
  • Manage Your Weight– There is a strong inter-relationship between cortisol and weight gain. Stress and cortisol act to control both food intake and energy expenditure. Performing activities that relieve stress and therefore lower cortisol levels will help improve you body’s ability to use stored energy and will also reduce your cravings for food high in fat and sugar.
  • Boost Your Immune System– Studies have found that after meditative yoga we have increased levels immunoglobulin A – a marker of our body’s immune system. That along with the release of our natural “happy neurotransmitters” serotonin, melatonin and oxytocin, our body is in a better position to fight illness and diseases.
  • Alleviate the Effects of Hormonal Shifts  – The physiological changes that come about by reducing stress and cortisol has also been shown in studies to relieve the symptoms of hormonal shifts and menopause, such as hot flushes and depression.
  • Improve Your Balance, Control and Pain – Yoga is one of the few types of exercises that really challenges your balance, flexibility and control. Improving these areas will prevent chronic pain and injuries. Studies have shown that Yoga is particularly effective in relieving the symptoms of chronic lower back pain and is regularly prescribed by our Physiotherapists.

We all strive towards balance and when we find balance, we have a healthy and fulfilling life.

It’s never too late to start your yoga practice.  We have various classes here at Inline Physio. From Hatha Yoga for beginners to intermediate levels and Restorative Yoga for all levels. Our classes are limited to 6 students so you will get the attention you deserve.

So don’t let your stress get hold of you, come and try a yoga class for FREE and feel the effects for yourself! 

Cheryl Chandler

Yoga / Clinical Pilates Instructor 

Yoga Australia Accredited Member