Tai Chi – Samford

Tai Chi Classes are offered weekly at our Samford clinic!

Many scientific studies have shown that Tai Chi helps to relieve pain, improves quality of life and can leave you feeling great!

Our instructor, Nadine Hyde, teaches a specific Tai Chi Program called Tai Chi for Health.

This program was developed by Dr. Paul Lam and his team of medical and Tai Chi experts.

They designed the programs to be safe and effective for people with injury, illness or balance concerns;

However it will also provide many great health benefits for anyone!


There are so many benefits of Tai Chi!

  1. Reduces Pain and Stiffness
  2. Improves Balance
  3. Reduces Fear of Movement related to Pain or Confidence
  4. Improves Muscle Strength
  5. Improves Joint Flexibility and Range of Movement
  6. Provides Relaxation and Reduces Stress levels
  7. Improves Memory and Co-ordination
  8. Empowerment and Boosts Self Esteem - Practice, patience and perseverance leads to observable improvements which empowers you and boosts self confidence!


10 class pack is $150

Casual Class $20

Class Schedule

TUESDAYS 12:30pm


Each Lesson Involves:

  1. Warm-up Exercises
  2. Qi-Gong breathing
  3. Short form sequential movements - Slow continuous movement is where the magic happens!

Places are limited so don't miss this opportunity to try something NEW and experience the benefits for yourself!


or Contact us to find out more!