Experienced dry needling physios

Our dedicated physiotherapists at inline physio. may offer you dry needling or acupuncture based on a thorough assessment of your biomechanics and the effect it may have on your musculoskeletal system.

Acupuncture and dry needling have a very unique response and often are required to provide you with a well rounded treatment.

Common trigger points treated with dry needling include:

  • The Upper Trapezius muscle where your neck joins your shoulder - which can refer pain to the neck as well as cause headaches.
  • The Piriformis muscle which lies deep in your buttock - this can refer pain to your lower back, hip and upper thigh
  • The Calf muscles which can cause excessive calf tightness and cramping. Calf tightness can also be related to achilles, heel and foot pain.

A holistic approach to your health

At inline physio. we assess you as an individual - your lifestyle, physiology, priorities and needs - not just as a patient with a health problem. Our integrated approach means we are able to provide the most appropriate service to address your health issues and help you to manage your health in a proactive way.

Call now to reserve your appointment

Please call us on 07 3289 6122 to make an appointment and begin your journey to better health!

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