Say Good Bye to Low Back Pain

Are you experiencing pain in your lower back region? Common complaints from our patients are:

“It hurts to put on my pants/socks/shoes”
“I get sharp pain with bending over/rolling in bed”
“I can’t stand up straight after a period of sitting down”
“I have pain extending down my leg”

These are only a few of many symptoms of lower back dysfunction and they can have a big impact on your daily functioning from getting dressed, driving comfortably, fulfilling work duties and simply getting a good night’s sleep.

So what can you do about your lower back pain? Physiotherapy management will be helpful when dealing with lower back pain and there is strong scientific evidence that appropriate exercise guidance is a key element for recovery.

When you see one of our Physiotherapists, we will firstly work out where the potential source of your pain is.

Are there elements of muscle spasm, joint stiffness and/or disc irritation to your pain? Could your SIJ (sacroiliac joint) or hip joint be implicated? Sometimes pain that is mainly felt in the buttock or leg could be referred pain from your lower back.

Our Physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment to work out your pain drivers and determine if any imaging is necessary. More often than not, scans are only required if ‘red flags’ are present, which your physiotherapist will make a judgement from your history and assessment.

What will your treatment at inline physio. involve?

This does depend on your individual presentation, but generally we need to improve how your lumbar joints are moving/gliding, assist in settling muscle spasm as well as address any nerve tension which may be present.

Our Physiotherapists will use specific hands-on techniques initially to encourage relief of pain and improve mobility of the spine. We also have the option of using our Mechanical Traction machine if suited for your condition.

You will be prescribed a graduated home management program to facilitate mobility of your spine, proper gliding of your neural tissue and activation of your deep abdominal muscles in particular to provide internal support for your lower back.

Your Physio will provide helpful advice for aiding pain relief at home and modifying painful movements/positions as needed. As your lower back improves your home program will be progressed further in order to regain your tolerance to your specific functional activities and loads – returning you to your goals!

So do not let this lower back pain linger for any longer!

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