Remedial Massage Brisbane North

Remedial Massage Brisbane North

Are you experiencing some aches and pains and you’re wondering if remedial massage might help?

At Inline Physio, located in the heart of Samford on Brisbane’s northside, we have qualified massage therapists on hand 6 days a week to work out your knots and niggles.

In this blog, we explain what remedial massage is, how it differs from relaxation massage and list a number of its benefits.

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Remedial Massage Definition

Remedial Massage therapy is the assessment and treatment of dysfunction, muscular tension, and/or chronic pain.

Remedial massage forms a vital part of many rehabilitation programs alongside physiotherapy. It can also act as a stand-alone treatment for muscle tightness and pain.


What is the difference between remedial and relaxation massage?

A relaxation massage essentially involves helping you to feel relaxed and calm.

Its main aim is to give your body the chance to catch up from the daily stresses of life.

Remedial massage holistically addresses the entire body to ease out injuries, aches and pains that many people unfortunately experience at some point in their life.

Looking for a different kind of massage therapy?

At Inline Physio we also offer:

  • Pregnancy massage,
  • Trigger point dry needling, and
  • Deep tissue massage.

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Remedial Massage Benefits

  1. Reduced muscle tension,
  2. Improved blood circulation,
  3. Stimulation of the lymphatic system,
  4. Improved mood/mental health,
  5. Increased joint mobility,
  6. Reduced stress,
  7. Minimisation/reduced chronic pain symptoms,
  8. Improve the recovery of soft tissue injuries.

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Remedial Massage Brisbane North

If you’d like to get your body back to optimal condition, then talk to Inline Physio about remedial massage today.

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