Regain your Pelvic Floor & Core Program

The In-Line Method for Postnatal Care
‘Regain your Pelvic Floor & Core Program’


Pelvic Floor and Core Flyer

As a new mum you will learn how to move your body better and safely as you regain strength in your core and pelvic floor!

Our postnatal 4-week ‘Regain your Pelvic Floor & Core’ Program combines a progressive Pilates and Yoga based exercise program, targeted education and nutritional advice to help you make the improvements you require.


Class sizes are limited to ensure you get optimal benefit from your individualised program.

If you have sustained damage to your abdominal muscles resulting in separation of the muscle fibres (diastasis recti) or have damaged your pelvic floor muscles then you will be safe in the professional care of one of our very experienced Physiotherapists and Mothers themselves!


The In-Line Method for Postnatal Care is a whole body approach to improved health following the birth of your baby. It is aimed at improving pelvic floor functioIMG_0246n, core stability, nutrition and posture.


  • Suitable for mums who have had a baby within the past 8 months (starting at 6 weeks after the birth)
  • Small class sizes for individual attention
  • Babies very welcome (bouncinettes provided)
  • Nutritional advice for mums (with our Naturopath)
  • Safe lifting techniques taught and practised
  • A professionally delivered educational component at each session
  • Location: In-Line Physio & Allied Health, 6D Main St., Samford
  • Cost: $160 for 4 classes (can be claimed through most Health Funds)
  • Duration: 1 hour

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Upcoming Program Dates

Tuesday Evenings @ 6pm


Thursday  Mornings @ 10:30am

Commencing March 2017