Physio tips

Most people experience joint pain at some point in their lives, and many will assume that their joint pain is arthritis-related, especially as they get older. But what is arthritis? How do medical professionals determine if the condition of “joint pain” is truly arthritis? You may be surprised to learn that there are multiple types of arthritis with different symptoms, causes and treatments. Below we describe four of the most common types.

Travel has almost become a necessity of modern life. Many people travel for work, and most of us travel for pleasure at least once per year.  Unfortunately, the hours of sitting involved in travel often also result in a stiff lower back, neck pain, and headaches.

Technology has changed our lives dramatically, and while it has made many difficult tasks much easier, it’s also made it much easier to be lazy. Here we identify a few key moments where you can sneak some exercise into your daily routine.

Sore following vigorous exercise or playing sport? It is recommended that you do some light activity like a walk or swim when you experience muscle soreness.

When icing an injury it is important to cool the injured area, not freeze it. Place some ice or frozen food in a wet towel and apply to the area for 10 minutes.