Are you a Headache Sufferer?

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, then Geoff Ford will be able to assess you in a specific way to ascertain whether it is treatable using a new evidence-based method of treatment. He will thoroughly assess your neck and diagnose where your headache originates from and will then work with you to treat that cause.


Geoff, who completed his Masters of Physiotherapy earlier this year, has recently undertaken further education in a specific form of headache and migraine treatment -The Watson Headache Approach- and is establishing a Headache Clinic within the In-Line Physio & Allied Health Clinic in Samford.  The Watson Headache Approach is a method of diagnosing and treating headaches, developed in Australia over a 25 year period by renowned Physiotherapist, Dean Watson.


Dean’s recent ground-breaking PhD research now shows that not only is the traditional medical model of headache and migraine conditions incomplete (because there are more factors than just blood vessels at play), the top of the neck is actually a key factor in the development of a headache or migraine. Therefore, effective headache treatment must consist of treating the your neck, regardless of what the “triggers” might be.  Geoff has learnt these specific techniques and is very keen to help as many people as he can.


At the In-Line Physio Headache Clinic, it is Geoff’s philosophy to encourage his patients to self-manage as soon as possible after minimal treatment. Once you no longer suffer the symptoms of a headache he will teach you self-management strategies in the way of specific exercises for your neck aimed at preventing your headache from recurring.


Please call 3289 6122 to discuss your headache with Geoff.

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