ACL Injury Treatment

ACL Injury Treatment

Want to find a reputable physio to help with your ACL injury treatment?

Each qualified physiotherapist at Inline Physio has experience treating ACL injuries, and it’s a particular passion for one of our newest team members – Jacob Hurley.

Keep reading as we explain what ACL stands for, what an ACL injury feels like, how it can be treated and why Jacob is so enthusiastic about helping people who’ve experienced ACL ruptures.

Where is your ACL?

The ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate (KROO-she-ate) Ligament and is the most commonly injured ligament of the knee.

It’s a band of thick tissue that connects your thigh bone (femur) to your shinbone (tibia).

This ligament is most often injured during sports that involve sudden stopping or changing direction, jumping, and landing.

AFL  has the highest incidence of ACL ruptures closely followed by other sports such as soccer, basketball, football and skiing.

Having said that, it is still possible to rupture your knee when performing normal everyday activities like playing with your dog or sustaining a fall.

ACL Injury: What does it feel like?

If you’ve injured your knee and heard or felt a “popping” sensation, it is highly likely you’ve injured the ACL.

Other commons signs are excessive swelling, a feeling of instability, and pain on weight-bearing.

However, interestingly, a completely ruptured ligament may not be particularly painful at all!!

ACL Injury Treatment: How do we fix an ACL Injury?

This depends on the severity of your ACL injury.

If it is a partial tear, your management may include rest and a comprehensive rehabilitation program to regain strength and stability.

If it is fully ruptured, surgery is most likely (but not always) required to reconstruct the torn ligament.

Either way, there is a high chance of re-injury if the correct rehabilitation is not performed.

Physio for ACL injury: Who can help?

All of our Physiotherapists at Inline Physio are experienced in rehabilitating the ACL injured knee.

However, for one of our Physiotherapists in particular, ACL rehab is his passion.

Jacob Hurley lives and breathes ACL and knee injury rehabilitation.

After sustaining 3 ACL ruptures in his lifetime, he knows what you’re feeling, the frustration that comes with the injury, and what it takes to regain full functional strength and stability of your knee.

Ready to start your road to recovery? Whether it’s a recent injury, post-surgery or months down the track but just short of 100% -Book an appointment with Jacob today!